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My professor put a book on reserve. How can I get it?

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Course reserves are available whenever the library is open.

1. Bring your ID to the Library.

2. Look in the large notebook at the Circulation Desk and find the professor's name

3. Find the name of the item you need and tell the student worker

4. Give the Circulation Desk worker your ID, which will be held at the desk until you return the item (except for overnight or multi-day use loans).

Your instructor will tell the Library for how long you may use the item:

  • 2 hour library use only
  • 4 hour library use only
  • 1 day checkout
  • 3 day checkout
  • 7 day checkout
  • 2 hour overnight checkout - checkout 1 hour before library closes and due back next day 1 hour after library opens.
  • 4 hour overnight checkout - checkout 2 hours before library closes and due back next day 2 hours after library opens.