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What are the procedures for using the Archives?

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  1. We require supervision by a librarian or designated student assistant in the special collections room.
  2. Due to time constraints, librarians or student assistants cannot devote more than one hour to any reference request.
  3. All materials must be used in the reading room, none can be checked out
  4. Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed.
  5. Please respect the material by handling it carefully and use only pencil while researching.
  6. Materials available in the Archives and Special Collections are subject to copyright law with respect to photocopying and publication. It is your responsibility to see that any and all requirements are met.
  7. Photocopying is allowed at the discretion of the librarian. The library reserves the right to set restrictions to protect fragile or damaged material.
  8. The use of certain materials may be restricted by statute or the office of origin/donor. By using restricted materials, you assume full responsibility for fulfilling the terms connected with them.